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Suburban Homes

Invest In Real Estate

Get up to 17.5% return on your investment


Mioym core investor base consists of individual investors rather than pension funds, endowments and other institutional investors. We believe that large funds cannot effectively deploy money in the overlooked niches that offer some of today's most attractive returns. Many of these larger funds need to deploy $10-$50 million per investment, or much more, in order to operate efficiently. Mioym is built from the ground up to make smaller investments directly, without relying on layers of sub-managers, each of whom must be compensated. By being vertically integrated and managing expenses carefully, Mioym aims to deliver real value to investors and to outperform the returns of our larger rivals who may pursue similar strategies.

Private Property


The overwhelming majority of the portfolio is comprised of properties with loans secured by a first lien on a house. Investors typically provide 20%-25% of the capital needed to buy & renovate the house, which results in no more than 60% of the after repair market value. Additionally, equity is often created at the time of purchase by buying houses at prices below retail value. Further enhancement of the value of the collateral is through cost-effective renovations.


Allowing investors to earn attractive returns on investments between 10% and 25%.


 Due to the short-term nature of renovation loans, the portfolio turns over approximately once per year.


 Investments have short maturities as most projects last between 12 and 48 months, which minimizes interest rate risk.


Frequently, we would rather give up some of the “upside” of an investment in order to limit our risk. We are fundamentally risk-averse, long-term focused investors.


Debt Facilities

80-90% Acquisition cost coverage

We have institutional debt facilities that lend us 85-90% of the acquisition cost and 100% of the renovation cost

Equity Partners

10-15% Equity coverage

We look for equity partners that will assist to cover the equity:

10-15% of acquisition

Closing cost

Legal fees

Carrying cost


17.5% Return On Investment

Once the property is sold the debt is paid back to the institution and our equity partners are made whole with a 17.5% return on their investments within one year.

Previous Investments

Purchased $495,000, renovated for $98,000 Sold for $933,000
Purchased $240,000, renovated for $70,000 Sold for $500,000
Purchased $215,000, renovated for $80,000 Sold for $460,000
Purchased $350,000, renovated for $70,000 Sold for $610,000
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